So i've been obsessing over baggy denim lately. Shorts, pants, shirts, you name it. I found these perfect shorts from One Teaspoon called the Fiasco Superfreaks. They have them in the front zip-ups and the front tie-ups. Both equally as aWsOmE. Is it just me or are knee-length denim shorts becoming a new trend? Almost like bremuda shorts we used to wear in elementary/middle school? The 90's are back people!!! (And i'm loving it).
If anyone knows me you know I have to pair almost every outfit I wear with high tops. These sneakers have become my new faves out of my high top collection (which continues to grow daily it seems). I should probably chill just a tad with the amount of times I wear them though. Currently on the look out for some low-top sneakers if anyone has some suggestions! 
I am also sporting one of the MMD Designs handmade pave diamond necklaces... aka my moms little jewelry line. Her pieces are to-die-for and i'm not just saying that cause I have to. This one in particular is one of my top 3 she has currently. The pendant is a sliced agate with a pave diamond boarder paired with a pave diamond clasp chain with hand beading. HMU if you're interested in her jewels and I can pass along the message!
Excited about college classes starting back up so I can get back into the swing of things and start posting a lot more! This whole summer thing has thrown me off schedule. 
~Appreciate the support~

Cassidy Alexandra Dean

Fall is just around the corner and I cannot WAIT! My bank account begs to differ though... We see a lot of the 70's coming back to play with platform shoes, bell sleeves & flare pants. We also see a lot of whimsical and playfulness come about. Patches, pins and embellishments are emphasized in fall trends for this year. Pictured above is my DIY take on a fun patterned + patchwork jacket I made myself! Here are some of the hottest fall trends of 2016 and some of my personal favorites so far!

Statement chokers 

Shearling Bombers
Flare Capri Pant


Playful Embellishments & Patchwork

Summer is the best time of the year! All I want to do when I'm not attending summer classes or working my summer job is ~rElAxXx~ but sometimes that get  b o r i n g . Side note, these pics are from a trip with the fam to the Dominican Republic. Seriously beautiful. 
I decided to make a summer to-do list to keep me busy and I thought i'd share for those who are feeling the same way!


Go camping
Start a DIY project 
Cliff dive/jump
Make homemade sushi 
Hike a trail  
Go to a music festival 
Rent a bike and bike around town
Attend an art festival
Find something new that makes you happy 
Drink at a brewery  
Go to the lake
Window shop 
Host a dinner party 
Learn to cook heathy meals 
Visit the aquarium 
Learn something new 
Road trip 
Sell your old stuff 
Try an elaborate Pinterest recipe 
Pay it forward to a stranger
Take a beach trip
Eat at a cool new restaurant 
Baseball game trip
Go to the zoo 
Tye dye shirts 
Taste test at a winery
Read an uplifting book 

If you have anymore summer fun ideas, comment below! I'd love to get some more ideas!
P.S. Someone PLZ invite me back to the Dominican Republic, i'd be forever grateful.... 

Cassidy Alexandra Dean

All words to describe this festival line up, but guess what?
I made it up & it's not real & i'm sorry
but keep reading to know more about my dream line up! :p

Music festivals are the new craze now-a-days and this couldn't make me happier! I've only attended two big festivals, both in Georgia, but I seriously plan on attending as many as possible. Positive energy + happy faces + around the clock music + arts n' food... what more can someone ask for? 
I partnered up with TickPick, an online ticket purchasing and selling site, to create my perfect music festival. Would you come? (If you would't then you're a lame-o)
So, I could name 471832 musical artists that I love and listen to on a daily bases (Beyonce, Rhianna, Justin Bieber... the basics that everyone loves) but not all would I want to see at a music festival. Invite me to one of their concerts with them perming on their own, and I'm down. Actually, scratch that... i'd be down to see Beyonce anytime, anywhere.
Music festivals give off a different vibe then a concert for one main artist. You want a mix of different music surrounding you. So many people attend these events so it's good to have crowds dispersed at different stages. Thats why I picked such a wide variety of artists to play in my dream festival. It's amazing to be in tune with everyone around you. Dancing, swaying, and singing with the crowd. It's an experience I urge everyone to take part of just once! 
You got your rap, your rock, your EDM, your indie, your DJs, your bands, your solo artists, your cover bands. All these different sounds blend together to form a PERFECT festival.

Let me know who would be in your ideal music festival!
Cassidy Alexandra Dean

Intersted in other upcoming concerts in the Atlanta area? Check out TickPick for awesome deals and easy purchasing!
Weezer & Panic! at The Disco at Lakewood June 16th
Blink 182 & The All American Rejects at Lakewood August 2nd
Twenty One Pilots at Infinite Energy Arena August 6th
Or visit their Upcoming Concerts page to see what else they have lined up!

New York, New York.... where do I start? You're loud, you're dirty, you're smelly, and somehow you're still AMAZING
DISCLAIMER: I took all of these on my phone, sorry for the poor quality! 
This past week I had the opportunity to visit New York City with 20 other students from the Fashion Merchandising and Apparel Design major at GSU. Not only were we able to attend different meetings and museums that I wouldn't normally do in NYC, but we had SO much "free time" to do as we please. Work & play. We even stayed a few blocks down from Time Square, right in the heart & soul of the city. 
The MET: We took a class trip to the Metropolitan Museum of Art to see the current fashion exhibits. The ManusxMachina exhibit is one of their current exhibits and it is incredible.... all the pieces on display somehow incorporated modern day technology into them. There were even garments made from a 3D printer! I don't know how thats possible but man, oh man, were they stunning.
The Museum at FIT: The Fashion Institute of Technology is a well-known public school in the center of NYC. We were able to meet to the museum curator and see vintage pieces dating back to the 1900's. Vintage Channel, Vintage Calvin Klein, Vintage Oscar De La Renta... some of their first garments that really changed the fashion world for women into what it is today.
Broadway: GUYS! I finally saw the famous Wicked show! And it did not disappoint. I am a huge fan of musicals and comedies and this show had it all. I don't want to give anything away so i'll just leave you with this.... if you ever have the chance to see it, you won't regret it! Brings back all those childhood memories from The Wizard of OZ. 
Company Meetings: 
Fossil- We were able to have a meeting with the Fossil company and BOY was it cool. I had no idea Fossil owned the rights to make all watches for Micheal Kors, Karl Lagerfeld, Diesel, Kate Spade, Marc Jacobs, and about 7 other huge brands! So when your buying your new Micheal Kors watch, it's really a Fossil watch. Be on the lookout for Fossils new technology infused watches coming out to the public! We got a first hand look at these suckers and I can't wait to get my hands on one of my own!
Echo- So this was actually one of the brands that were set up in the Amy J. Hill showroom I interned for at the Atlanta Mart about a month ago! I even was able to meet up with the representative I had met in the Atlanta showroom! Small world. We met some of these designers behind the products who actually hand paint some of the prints on the merchandise themselves. They showed us the original paintings on paper and then showed us the painting printed onto a scarf that Echo sells today! 
Nili Lotan- This was the only showroom we visited that was under a designers name. Unfortunately, Nili Lotan was not there when we visited, but we were still able to see all the work behind the brand. This showroom creates their samples in house. It was amazing to see inside this showroom and see the designers work area where all the genius ideas are formed. 
Lola Phonpadith- So she is actually not a fashion designer like the others. She is a creative specialist who helps to put on huge events like fashion shows or festivals. She is a one-man team and somehow still plans huge events flawlessly
I wish I had more pictures to show off but I was busy shopping and eating my life away. My recommendations for visiting NYC would be 1) shop at the vintage/thrift/discount stores! Buffalo Exchange & Century 21 are your new best friends! You'll get a lot more out of your money. 2) Street vendor food is actually delicious (I know it seems sketchy but it taste like a greasy heaven)... also its cheap! 3) NY PIZZA. Don't go to eat at somewhere you can get back at home, boooooring. visit those restaurants and diners you have never heard of before (that goes for all food, not just pizza). The big signs that just say PIZZA and look kinda weird are where you'll get that real New York Pizza everyone talks about. Best food we ate there by far. 

Cassidy Alexandra Dean 

Favorite part of my outfit today: western belt around the natural waist. I love this new trend of belting up every outfit. This outfit was inspired by, of course, Coachella.... Call me basic but I would give anything to go to it just once. Butttt Savannah will have to do. For now.
I really love paring all the different pieces of this outfit together because they are all so different yet they came together so well. I feel like this outfit sums up my style: boho chic with lots of leathers and layers. Finding new ways to spice up your clothing is always fun too. This romper from Urban Outfitters is truthfully not the most flattering by itself. Honestly, I started questioning why I even bought it in the first place. Pairing it with this patterned kimono and adding the silver buckled belt made the it look 3278x better. Now, I love it! Excited to see what else I could pair it with.
Also, these shoes are bomb. Leather booties are such a great investment because they never go out of style. You can wear them 10 years from now and they will still look ah-mazing. Seriously, I've actually worn some of my moms shoes from like 10 years ago. Leather ages well and the scratches and scuffs just gives them some character!

Cassidy Alexandra Dean


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